The best bodyweight exercises to get you in shape during lockdown

Don’t let lockdown slow you down. Even when indoors, you can stay in shape. And, you don’t need fancy equipment to do it. With bodyweight exercises, you can increase bone density, tone your muscles, and burn calories. Bodyweight exercises utilise your own body weight to create resistance and challenge your muscles.

Here are ten of the best bodyweight exercises you can start doing today to keep fit during lockdown.

1. Burpees

Burpees tone your arms, shoulders, legs, and core. They combine a squat, plank, and push-up, all in one movement. Add a jump with each rep for even more power.

2. Press-ups

To optimise this bodyweight exercise, make sure your hands are an equal distance apart and directly underneath your shoulders. You can squeeze your core and glutes during each rep to activate your whole body.

3. Plank

During a plank, you activate your back and shoulders, abdominals, and chest. Performing this exercise regularly won’t just tone muscles and burn calories; it also helps to encourage good posture.

4. Groiners

If you’re working from home and spending a lot of time sitting, definitely add groiners to your bodyweight routine. These are great for opening up the hips. Start in a plank position and then jump forward, so your feet land outside your hands. Jump back to plank and repeat.

5. Spider crawl

Start in a plank and then move across the floor in a spider crawl movement, bringing your knee toward your elbow as you crawl. Not only will this move tone your oblique muscles and boost your coordination, but it will also get your heart rate up.

6. Sit-ups

Sit-ups are excellent for strengthening your ab muscles. You can do variations to target different areas. For example, by pushing the knees out in a butterfly position, you’ll activate your groin muscles. Raise your legs in the air for a vertical leg sit-up to focus on your lower abs.

7. Glute bridges

Start by lying on your back with your arms flat on the ground. Lift your hips off the ground, hold, and slowly return to your starting position. For even more impact from this butt-toning exercise, raise one leg in the air.

8. Squat

Strengthen and tone your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads by performing a basic squat. To get the most out of this exercise, when squatting, keep your chest lifted and make sure your feet are flat on the floor.

9. Jump squat

Add a jump each time you move into standing position. Then, land lightly into a squat with your knees bent. This will tone your legs and give you a cardio workout.

10. Standing long jump

Start in a squat position and jump forward as far as you can. Swing your arms to increase your momentum. This exercise will give you explosive power and help to increase muscle mass.

Not only are bodyweight exercises great for enhancing strength, agility, balance, and coordination, you also get a full-body workout in a short period of time.

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