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  • What should I wear?
    Just wear comfortable training clothes. (ie: shorts and a t-shirt)
  • Do I need my own gloves?
    No, we have gloves but we would advise you buy your own once you’ve found your feet and you think you will stay (we sell gloves and equipment in the gym should you want them)
  • What size gloves should I buy?
    Over 16 years old you should buy 14oz up to 75 kg, over 75 kg 16oz For children 40-55 kg 12 oz, over 55 kg 14 oz
  • Am I too old/unfit to join?
    The short answer is no! Gaining fitness is a process and everyone has to start somewhere, however if you have health issues you would need to consult your doctor before attending.
  • What can I expect when I walk into Fight Factory?
    You can expect to see all ages and races working hard, there is a great vibe at Fight Factory, people will always be helpful if your not sure about anything. You will not get punched in the face as soon as you walk through the door! Everyone helps each other.
  • What age can my child start?
    The absolute minimum we would start children is four and a half years old.
  • When can my child fight?
    The standard of amateur boxing in the UK is very high and we expect commitment from all the kids who come here. Once they meet a certain standard they will be considered to “get carded“ to continue their boxing journey.
  • Can I train with my child?
    In the mini boxers class, yes In any other classes, no
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